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Okay so

I get a lot of messages asking me if I can put up a download link for such-and-such audio post that I’ve made

And every now and then I’ll do so, but not enough people ever really see it to where I’ll stop being asked about it, and it gets frustrating to have to either keep reuploading to dropbox or whatever or to keep retrieving the link repeatedly

So let me show you guys an easy way to get those pesky audio files yourselves, like big boys and girls.  It’s the method I generally use for capturing audio from my speakers for my own editing purposes and it’s served me well.

First, if for some reason you don’t already have it, download Audacity.

It’s a pretty compact and very handy tool for audio recording/editing, and it’s what I use for basically every audio post I’ve made on here.

(On an optional side note, also download Audacity’s LAME MP3 Encoder if you wanna export whatever you capture as an .mp3 file.  Either way you can also export in .wav or .ogg, whatever suits your purposes best.)

Now once you’ve got it downloaded and installed, and you’ve got your audio post that you wanna download, go into Audacity, and you’re gonna want to go into your Preferences menu under Edit

Now, you should see a window full of other jank pop up.  All you should be concerned with for the purposes of this is the first tab that you’ll be presented, Audio I/O

Go under Recording and drop down the Device menu.  Here, you’ll want to select whatever option corresponds to the device that outputs your computer’s sound to your speakers.  Mine is Stereo Mix, but for all I know yours may be different.  

Also, it may not show up for some people, as was the case for me at first.  I’m using Windows 7, so again, your methods may be different, but if you’re using the same OS, here’s a handy tutorial on how to enable your Stereo Mix for all your audio-ripping needs.

If you’re not using Windows 7, a solution for you is quite likely just a quick search away.

ANYWAY.  Got a bit sidetracked there.

Once you’ve selected your primary output as your input, hit OK to save your preferences and then hit the big ol’ red record button on the top right of Audacity.

Now it’ll start capturing any audio that passes from the system to the speakers.  And I mean ANY audio, so if you want to get a recording of one specific thing, you’re gonna have to pause any music, videos, or people on Skype you’ve got making sound and isolate what you want.

So yeah, once you’ve started recording, all you’ve gotta do now is press play, let it run through the audio, and stop your recording once it’s done.

You’ll probably have a bit of empty space before and after the end of your recording, so just highlight and delete as much of that to trim it down as you see fit.  Then play it back to make sure it’s not too loud, as recording into Audacity has a tendency to amplify things a bit, and once you’re satisfied, File-> Export as (your desired format), and voila!  A shiny new audio file!

Yay learning!

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